More OnAGoFly Propoganda

We just watched this video, and were ROTFLMAO during the whole thing!

One commenter posted his thoughts on the video, but was mysteriously (or not) removed almost right away, as if onagofly was covering up their crappy products!

For the $300 price tag, You should have had status updates and tracking numbers setup right from the beginning. Your backers are quite angry about not knowing when they’ll actually see their drones shipped. Hell, DJI, Walkera and Yuneec distributors already have that system down. It’s not rocket science.

We all get that the the OnAGoFly team is small, but you need to have better communications – even if the news isn’t good. Not responding to questions, complaints and unhappy customers has turned OnAGoFly into a shady company. Rather than receive a generic email saying you’re “working” as hard as you can, perhaps status updates on twitter every day or two and ACTUALLY RESPONDING TO YOUR BACKERS.

Social Media Team? Is that why no one answers anything on social media? No response to questions EVER on or… in fact, ONAGOFlyCares doesn’t care enough to even tweet!

You haven’t even addressed the fact that your R&D team didn’t do diligence in testing the app for stability, nor have you proven that the OnAGoFly drone can work as expected. The only good reviews have affiliate links where the reviewer could get a free drone for the referrals.

The REAL reviews tell a completely different story:

OnAGoFly FAIL Videos: – skip to 29:29 to see the fail!

“Do Not Buy AN OnAGoFly”
Angry OnAGoFly Sucks Tweets:

Onagofly hasn’t built any trust with its backers, nor have they supported people that have had major issues with the drone. They offer NO RETURNS, even if the drone is defective and the backer just wants a replacement, let alone money back if the backer isn’t satisfied.

It’s amazing that Onagofly has raised $3M and provides as bad service as they do, with no real guarantees. From everything your backers have seen, Onagofly seems to just screw over it’s backers for their hard earned money while providing a substandard product that meets none of the promises made or expectations that the backers had.

I’ve seen $25 AIRHOGS and $35 Hubsan & Syma drones fly better, faster and with less issues than the Onagofly.


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