OnAGoFly leaves video evidence of their knowledge that the OnAGoFly Drone wouldn’t work as they’d promised.

In the OnAGoFly Backer’s Forum, Held on June 16th, 2016 – Leo, spokesman for OnAGoFly admitted (inadvertantly) that they knew there was faulty hardware and they needed the PAYING backers to bug test the drones!

First of all, we all know that OnAGoFly is shady in the worst of ways:

  • Cheap OnAGoFly drones do not operate as promised
  • Obstacle Avoidance Systems don’t work
  • iPhone and Android App is buggy at best, but mostly crashes
  • No reasonable return policy
  • Documented refusals to return funds even when within policy rights
  • Customer Service is Non Existent
  • Removal of policies from the website (discovered 20-june-2016)

There has been nothing but headache and heartache for everyone that’s backed this Indiegogo campaign.

 Crap tons more dissatisfied customer tweets here

The OnAGoFly Forum Flies About As Well As Their Drone

OnAGoFly decided to hold a small 10 person forum to answer questions and address issues. Initially, it seemed like they were making changes to make things better, but as you’d expect, they lied to their backers and created yet another propaganda video.

They Changed The Date And Time At The Last Minute

Here’s the letter that was sent to select backers, such as myself:

OnaGoFly forum

“Hello …
Onagofly USA support team will be hosting an open forum google hangout on June 17th this upcoming Friday at 12:00PM west coast time to address customer questions face to face “Live” and your participation would be greatly appreciated!

Please respond to this e-mail as soon as possible.

Thanks Again.
Ray Anthony- Onagofly Social Media Team.”

Can you imagine our surprise when we saw they moved the forum up without previous notice to June 16th? This tweet came across at 15:45ET… just 2 hours and 15 minutes before the forum!:

OnaGoFly forum time

It was plain as day that they did not want to make a difference and make things right, despite their claims to regain Backer trust.

It’s things like this that has earned OnAGoFly a very deep rooted distrust and dislike from their Backers.

As myself (OnaGoFlyScam), OnAGoLies and about 25 others scrambled to adjust our schedules for this forum, one thing was clear:

They Didn’t Want Everyone To Know About It

While they make the excuse of saying that they did post notice of the event, it is downright sleazy how they did it:

  1. OnAGoFly sent the notice out to only 895 followers on Twitter
  2. OnAGoFly sent it out ONLY ONCE.
  3. OnAGoFly did not publish this information ANYWHERE ELSE.
  4. OnAGoFly did not Email Backers that they didn’t “choose” to involve
  5. They changed the time to make it harder and more inconvenient for people to attend, placing it right at dinner time for the whole eastern USA.
  6. They DELETED all questions in the comments so the general public would NOT see what people were actually asking — much different than what the questions seem to be in the video.

OnAGoFly Hosts A Propaganda Forum To Feed Lies To Their Backers

Essentially, they were hiding this event from their backers. They did not update their website or indiegogo page with the information.

  1. If they really wanted to make a difference and begin to regain the zero trust they now have, they would have made the information available on ALL CHANNELS rather than only tweeting once to a very VERY small audience.
  2.  It’s obvious that they don’t take backers seriously because they didn’t once, answer a question that about dissatisfaction or desire to return the drone with any reasonable answer that would accommodate at the very least, both parties (OnAGoFly and the backer).
  3. Throughout the whole “forum”, Leo and Angelica were watching TV and doing other things, a very clear display of disinterest to the backer’s issues and concerns.
  4. It was set up so that backers couldn’t ask direct questions to the hosts – they got to pick and choose what questions they wanted to answer, NOT A REAL FORUM, and hence, why it’s called propaganda

What Happened In The Video (TL;DR)

  1. There were a lot of technical difficulties. Video kept going out. Video was shabby, and no good way to communicate with them openly and plainly, such as you’d have with a webex or gotomeeting event.
  2. Leo and Angelica only picked out technical questions to answer. They didn’t address unsatisfied customer questions, nor did they even do more than say “no refunds”.
  3. There was no agenda – no mission to be accomplished nor anything meaningful for both parties.
  4. There were LOOOOONG moments where nothing was happening. C’mon guys, you could have taken this time answering more questions, or at the very least, provided more information on when things were going to happen, what to expect, changes and so on.The fact that you just sat there shows your Backers that you don’t have much interest or a game plan. Furthermore , you just DON’T look excited about your product. If there was one group of people who should have faith in a crap product, it should be you… but you don’t. Leo seemed not to really care, and just kept repeating himself over and over to avoid getting in a hole.
  5. Leo evaded most questions nonchalantly, in the most uncaring way
  6. Leo said onagofly backers are “beta testers” and encouraged us to do bug reporting — meaning he is hoping that we do free work for OnAGoFly.*
  7. They kept saying “We’re Working On It“. Guys, do you realize that this means they don’t have to be accountable? 
  8. They seemed to only answer questions from four people, one of which, a “Robert Boyer” had many technical questions answered while backers worried if they’d even get the drone they paid for, were left unanswered.
  9. They only answered technical questions, mainly about the non-working obstacle sensor which they revealed they knew did not work!**

* This infers that the OnAGoFly Drone was shipped with minimal testing. It also infers that OnAGoFly knew the drone was a crap product, and wouldn’t live up to expectations. They built the OnAGoFly business model based on free bug testing by the paying backers, which is UNACCEPTABLE.

** False claims and misleading advertising where the company is proven to know that the claims are false and the advertising is misleading is grounds for class action lawsuit (glad I have a copy of this video downloaded), and here is video proof of their confession of knowledge.

Talk Points with Time Stamps

  • Timestamp: 57:30 Leo is obviously aware of GPS issues on the drone as shipped to Backers:“The base drone does have some problem to connect to the GPS”The issue is it’s connection to the satellites. He quickly revises his statement to lay blame on the environment you might be flying in.
  • Timestamp: 58:20 Leo says OnAGoFly needs BETA TESTERS.
  • Timestamp 1:05:29 Leo says you can get a refund, but ONLY if your drone hasn’t shipped yet.That means you cannot test your drone, even if found defective, and get a refund.”Shipped” means they create a packing slip with tracking number. EVEN IF THE DRONE HASN’T ACTUALLY SHIPPED, you do not qualify for a refund.
  • Timestamp 1:11:15 Leo admits that they don’t have good customer service. He makes the excuse that they’re a “small team”, and that’s the reason for the bad customer service. He actually throws his Customer Service team under the bus. ROTFLMAO
  • Timestamp 1:22:40 Attendee asks about the March 2016 guarantee that still was appearing on the indiegogo site that guaranteed shipment of the drone:march 2016 shipping
    Sam blatantly says ON VIDEO “we did ship some of them.”He DID NOT SAY “we shipped ALL of them, meaning OnAGoFly BROKE IT’S GUARANTEE TO THEIR BACKERS.His reasoning was that they didn’t expect so many orders.

    Where OnAGoFly Failed is that they didn’t let people know AS IT WAS HAPPENING that they would not be able to meet their GUARANTEE

    Instead, they knowingly accepted more backers without revising their guarantee.

    While the guarantee may not hold much weight in a Class Action Lawsuit, due to the massive response, the fact that they maintained silence, accepted orders and refused refunds knowing that they could not meet their guarantee is strong evidence against OnAGoFly in a lawsuit.

  • Timestamp 1:25:55 Leo goes over the Obstacle Avoidance system. He states that they want to remove that feature.“I think that feature is not something we expected it to be”So they sent out drones with advertised obstacle avoidance systems that they knew did not work as advertised, and yet, did not inform the customer even that there were differences in the OnAGoFly’s and what the Backer might expect from Obstacle Avoidance systems.

    I mean, if it didn’t even work as they expected, and they made the drone, shouldn’t they have informed people?

  • Timestamp 1:28:58 Jay asks why paying people cant get refunds if the drone before shipping.

    This and the next timestamp are probably one of the most definitive answers against OnAGoFly that Leo walks right into.

    1. He admits that there is a problem with customer service because they are not a big company.
    2. He Says that all the money is being used up in production
    3. He says that OnAGoFly is losing money somehow (does not explain)
    4. He refuses to do refunds because he’ll be left with products
    5. He admits nonchalantly that it’s unfair to Backers in an uncaring way
    6. He refuses to do refunds

  • Timestamp 1:33:45 Leo admits again, full knowledge that the Obsticle Avoidance did not work.
    In the second part of the customer’s question, the customer mentions that it’s false advertising and he/she would like a refund.

    Leo verbally accepts the request for refund on video by saying “OK.”

    Leo feebly tries to backpeddle by saying “It works… not like you expected it.”, which did not have any statement of retraction of the previous acceptance.

    Leo, by not retracting his statement on video, set a precedence that anyone that wanted a refund based on false advertising could get one, as he did not retract that statement on VIDEO
    , but rather explained AGAIN, how the obstacle avoidance works.THERE WAS NO CLEAR REFUSAL FOR REFUNDS, and this segment most likely will be used during a class action lawsuit.

    While Leo and OnAGoFly may try to say that Leo was saying OK to Angelica off the record on the question, a pure audio recording would not illustrate this as being the case, nor did LEO specify that he only said OK to Angelica, and this is subject to interpretation.

    Since Angelica is the Designated Host for the forum, Leo said OK to Angelica in direct response to the question she read aloud. There is no mistake that this is verbal acceptance that if a customer/backer is dissatisfied with the drone because it was falsly advertised, then the customer/backer is entitiled to a refund.

    Keep in mind that at this point in the forum, it has already been established that OnAGoFly and Leo specifically as spokesman for OnAGoFly knew that the drones did not meet advertised expectations, were largely untested (hence the need for bug testers), and would not perform as advertised in general.

    Leo himself, had admitted their full knowledge that the Obstacle Avoidance wouldn’t perform as advertised, and mentioned that they plan on discontinuing it in future builds.

    Hence, Leo has unawaringly established OnAGoFly’s Deliberate and Pre-Planned False Advertising on video that will be used as future evidence as this was a public forum on YouTube.

That Drone Show Pulls All Endorsements For OnAGoFly

Friday, June 17th, 2016 –  Independent Website for Drone Hobbyists, DroningOn reports their findings that That Drone Show has mysteriously removed all traces of endorsement for OnAGoFly.

It has been speculated that OnAGoFly, and RainFactory, OnAGoFly’s promotional company, had apparently paid for endorsement, but without public disclosure on endorsements, leading the public to believe that That Drone Show did in fact, endorse OnAGoFly without compensation.

What Happened To The Warranty & Refund Policies???

Mysteriously, OnAGoFly has removed the warranty and refund policies from their website. the only way to request a refund currently is to email support, but there are not terms on the site at the time if this post.

OnAGoLies has published the information on his website for your reference:

Without Further Ado, Here’s The Unprofessional, Unedited OnAGoFly Propaganda Forum.

Honestly… I’ve seen 8th graders do a better job having internet forums such as this for “Model UN” than this 3 million dollar company.



  1. Orders Jan 16th got June 20th
    I have zero control via me phone.i can take off
    But it just flysaway.auto land doesn’t work
    Requested tech support zero reply tech support requested June 2oth now July 4th .I have a uncontrollable drone .


  2. Not only that we got a drone that does not work, no support, no response to email, can’t get a refund, but now they will be offering an upgrade to their ONAGOfly 1 Plus Nano but we’ll have to pay yet again. I wish all backers got together and sued them


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