OnAGoFly Alternatives

If You Like All The Features The OnAGoFly has, but are wary of the company and drone quality, check out these OnAGoFly Alternatives – You’ll find better flying, lower cost alternatives to the OnAGoFly in the list below.

If You Want First Person View

hubsan h501s
Hubsan X4 H501S FPV Drone | $279 – $325

The H501S offers amazing FPV drone flight through your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet. Unlike the OnAGoFly, you have a dedicated controller to control the drone while your smartphone is used for video transmission. The H501S has a 50 meter wi-fi range (about the same as the OnAGoFly was supposed to have) and the drone offers a 6-8 minute flight time per battery.

jjrc h8dJJRC H8D FPV Drone | $109-$129

The JJRC H8D is one of the best FPV Drones that come with a dedicated controller AND 5″ video monitor. The H8D offers 7 minutes flight time, 720P Video and both headless and return to home modes.

jdx 509g.jpgJDX 509G FPV Drone | $89-$109

Yet another serious contender, the JDX 509G offers 5.8gHz video transmission, good to 100 meters or more plus a 6-9 minute flight time per battery. Like the drones above, it has headless mode and return to home.

If You Want A GPS Enabled Drone

cheerson cx20Cheerson CX20 GPS Enabled Drone | $229-$269

The Cheerson CX20 offers true headless and return to home along with Altitude Control and FPV wi-fi transmission. It’s very close to what the OnAGoFly should have been, but actually works, and has readily available replacement parts.

hubsan h502s
Hubsan X4 H502S | $199

The Hubsan H502S has been receiving rave reviews for it’s stability, altitude hold and abilities with headless mode and return to home. This drone is probably the best alternative for the OnAGoFly if you want to save money.

If You Want A 1080P Camera Drone

syma x8g.jpgSyma X8G 1080P Camera Drone | $109-$159

The Syma X8G camera drone offers a 1080p action camera mounted to the very popular Syma X8 platform. This drone is compatible with all your X8C parts and batteries which makes it a very popular drone to own.

jjrc h12c
JJRC H12C 1080P Camera Drone | $69-$89

JJRC offers the H12C which is a 1080p camera drone. While this drone lacks FPV, it is popular among beginners and weekend pilots alike. The H12C has headless and return to home modes, remote video recording and four skill modes.

MJX X101MJX X101 GoPro-Ready Drone | $79-$99

This drone is a bit different. While it doesn’t come with a camera out of the box, it does have a gimbal installed. It’s ready for your GoPro or SJ4000 Action Camera. Flight is really steady and it’s perfect for aerial photography.